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2021-04-06: I Found My Hat

I found my hat!

April 6, 2021

Of all the things I've lost I miss my mind the most.

Enjoying retirement

Faced with much free time and beautiful weather, Mike and I are using the pandemic isolation to explore locally. We often found ourselves at a lovely park, perfect for relaxing and reading after a hike only to discover no place to sit comfortably. 

We have stashed two chairs, a small folding table, trekking poles, and visors in the back of the SUV. 

Always prepared. 

The equipment remained in the vehicle as we prepared for our cross-country trip to meet the newest grandchild in Chicago. All I needed to add was a vinyl cloth for picnicking and my hiking hat. Unfortunately, they were nowhere to be found. My instinct was to wonder why those two items were lost together.  

Found it!

On the day prior to departure, I retrieved my reading bag from the closet. And yes, I found the tablecloth and hat, kept where I would always find them. Except that I didn’t remember leaving them there. 

Lost it!

The other day I suspected Mike of moving newly-washed face masks only to discover them hanging to dry where I would know to look. Except that I had forgotten to look there. 

I am becoming my friend Russ who is noted for purchasing replacement tools only to find multiples when he puts them in the most logical spot. Except he doesn’t think to look there. 

Don’t I have something better to do?

How much time is spent searching in the most likely corners that are apparently not the most obvious? The mind anguishes as it seeks to recall the thought process used in stowing items. And then anguishes as it acknowledges that it will happen again.

No wonder we are so tired all the time!  

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