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2021-08-24 Living the Dream

Living the Dream

August 24, 2021

Mike’s turn

My writing shed is ordered, scheduled to be installed early November. That gives us time to work on Mike’s dream. 

For close to two years, he has been spread-sheeting his plans to hike the Arizona Trail, in increments, of course. In September, he will start in Flagstaff to conquer about 140 of the 800-mile passage connecting Mexico with Utah. He is collecting camping gear, watching alerts for water availability, and hiking several times a week to condition. 

I am reserving hotel rooms. For me. 

Should I be worried?

Concerned loved ones have asked if I am comfortable with Mike’s plans to go alone. Maybe I am ignorant, but I have no qualms. The guy has been researching this experience endlessly for months. The path itself is never far from civilization. And we will use a satellite-dependent app to stay in touch. 

Occasionally we will meet for a meal, to replenish supplies, or to allow him a shower and a night in a bed. 

Mike has hiked the Grand Canyon from the south rim several times. A few years ago, he joined SD and our friend Bob to hike rim to rim to rim, south to north to south. They realized too late that they should have begun from the north rim in the heat of June, discarding their plans for the third leg. 

Mike, Bob, and Larry spent three days on the Appalachian Trail in 2019. He knows what he is doing. 

Do it while you can

Death and disability are claiming friends and family with increasing rates. Life does not guarantee endless time to pursue our dreams. Mike has always supported me in my endeavors while asking little in return. I can do no less than greet him with an energy bar and a hot shower so that he can live his dream. 

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