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2023-04-07: If You See It, Catch It

If You See It, Catch It

Earlier today an idea for a blog passed through my brain. Literally passed through. I recall only that I had an idea, nothing about the topic itself except that it compared two behaviors. 

I also ordered a set of Apple Air Tags today to track our luggage while traveling in Europe. Several friends have spent days without a change of underwear while trying to locate lost luggage, so I feel a little apprehensive. You can reverse underwear only so many times before it smells. 

It now occurs to me that we need tracking tags for ideas. How many thoughts are floating around in space, released from brains that can no longer hold onto them? The atmosphere must be teeming with profound thoughts bumping against each other, lost in the void. Perhaps a chip could be placed in our brain to mark each idea as it developed and stay with it until fully expressed or executed. Many discussions among the senior population would be saved from those immortal words, “Now where was I going with this?”

The world has suffered the loss of music arrangements and the written word that I developed when I had no access to a keyboard or paper and pen. Those were my best thoughts, my most creative insights, limited to God’s ears and eyes only. Today’s idea was no different. I apologize to the world. It’s your loss as well as mine. If you see it, catch it. There will be a reward. 

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