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2022-01-10 Einsteinian Year

Einsteinian Years

January 10, 2022

In the Special Theory of Relativity, Einstein determined that time is relative—in other words, the rate at which time passes depends on your frame of reference.

The 2022 new year passed with little fanfare, each of us in the family isolated in our respective corners thanks to an outbreak of Covid over the holidays. Twenty-twenty-one dampened our enthusiasm for a new year, a continuation of the challenges of 2020 and 2021; we made no plans to celebrate. Twenty-twenty-two would be no different, at least for the first few months. 

Have you noticed that 2020 and 2021 have melded into one era in your memory? When recounting an event, I honestly do not know if it took place 6 or 18 months ago. Sometime during Covid is all I remember.

Striving for something new, I forked over a chunk of money to a company to help me with my website, using stagnate travel funds freed up since we are going nowhere. You may have noticed that the three blogs are now on one site: I don’t know if I will like it, but bear with me, please. 

The company 24/7wpsupport is actually very helpful, responding to my requests within hours, if not minutes. Most of the communication takes place via chat. Although I would prefer to speak with a live person, the chat is preferable so that the tech can understand my American accent, and vice versa. Screen sharing simplifies the process. The techs are patient and knowledgeable and call me Ma’am. Their accents betray their screen identities, totally incompatible with names like Justin, Austin, and Sarah. I am reminded of our former investment advisor, Bob. Nice, intelligent man from India or Pakistan. At the time, I was too ignorant to ask. “bob” appeared somewhere in the middle of his Asian name, so he adopted it as his American persona.  

The switch to a single website has elicited much anxiety reluctant as I am to tackle the technical aspects of the blog. Like a car that I drive with no mechanical knowledge of how it works, I appreciate a computer software that runs despite my ignorance of .php, backend, coding. . . The issue is not that I can’t learn it, but I would rather put my time and limited energy elsewhere. 

Please continue with me. Your support and comments keep me going. And I hope my posts bring you some joy. 

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