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Welcome to my blog...

The story of living in a multi-family/-generational home while coping with retirement and struggling to stay fit enough to enjoy life challenged by an aging mind and body.  

We Are Not the Waltons

Before tackling the adventure with my family, I searched for information to consider the pros and cons of shared housing and found very little. Most often there were tales of elderly parents moving in with their children or adult children moving home for support, neither scenario matching ours.

I created a blog to document and make sense of the challenges and blessings for myself and others contemplating this living arrangement.  

Restless Retirement

Meanwhile, my husband and I retired, looking forward to travel and new hobbies and friendships, underestimating the physical and mental challenges accompanying aging and NEVER anticipating the restrictions of a world-wide pandemic.

I created a blog to reflect on the surprises of retirement.

Fit Enough for Life

Preparing for the golden years, I set myself a fitness challenge that included strengthening and weight loss. Setbacks came with hip replacement, torn meniscus, partial knee replacement, and arthritis aggravated by stubborn fat. Mild depression and anxiety did not help. 

I created a blog to document my road to fitness. The blog now documents and reflects upon the difficulty of maintaining fitness while aging.

Now merged into one site, you can enjoy my reflections on all three aspects of my life. I look forward to reading your responses. 

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